3 Sinus Infection Myths

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A sinus infection, or sinusitis, is a common infection that can cause fever, headache, sinus pressure and pain, congestion and a sore throat. Unlike some other infections, you probably won't need outside medical care to get back to your normal self. Arming yourself with the facts will help you identify and treat your symptoms quickly and safely. Myth #1: You need antibiotics if you have a sinus infection. Running to your doctor for antibiotics when you have a sinus infection isn't likely to help, and your doctor may even deny you antibiotics if your infection isn't severe.

15 August 2017

Aging Faster Than You'd Like? Simple Changes You Can Make To Turn Back The Hands Of Time

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If you're starting to look and feel older than you actually are, there may be a reason for it. Your body may be aging faster than it should. Unfortunately, when your biological age starts passing your chronological age, you're going to feel the effects. Luckily, your biological age doesn't need to get away from you. In fact, there are ways that you can slow it down altogether. Here are three changes you can make in your life that will help you slow down the aging process so you can look and feel younger.

28 July 2017

Why Controlling Sugar And Carb Intake Is So Popular For Losing Weight

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Losing weight and maintaining that loss is no easy task, especially with temptations around every corner. You may have heard that many people praise the benefits of cutting their intake of sugar and carbohydrates in order to lose weight and keep it off, but is it really all it's cracked up to be? Keep reading to learn the three main benefits of cutting your intake of these two nutrients. Insulin Spikes

14 July 2017

Three Treatment Options To Break Your Opioid Dependence

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If you are struggling with opioid dependence, it is time to start exploring treatment options. When an individual who is addicted to opioids cannot procure pills, it is not uncommon for the individual to turn to other illegal drugs to alleviate the need for opioids. Check out some of the treatment alternatives that may be right for you. For maximum effectiveness, many doctors recommend combining multiple treatment methods to handle all of the facets of addiction.

23 June 2017

Dietary Changes That May Help With Interstitial Cystitis

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Interstitial cystitis, sometimes called painful bladder syndrome, affects up to 1 million people in the U.S., the majority of which are women. Symptoms include abdominal pain, bladder discomfort (especially as it becomes more full), frequent urination, and painful intercourse. In some cases, making dietary changes can help to minimize the symptoms that people with this condition experience. Common Trigger Foods While the foods that tend to trigger interstitial cystitis symptoms can vary greatly between different people, some foods are more likely to be troublesome than others.

28 February 2017

3 Tips For Reducing Your Chances Of Eye Damage From Uveitis

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Uveitis is a serious eye condition that may progress and cause significant vision problems. Since uveitis can be caused by any number of underlying conditions, knowing if you are at an increased risk and how to reduce your chances of developing uveitis can help preserve your vision. Understand The Correlation With Autoimmune Diseases If you have an autoimmune disease, such as inflammatory arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease, you should be mindful of changes in your vision.

30 January 2017

Tips to Avoid Headaches at the Office

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Constant headaches at work doesn't necessarily mean it's time for a new job, but it is possible that you need a new way of working. A mild tension or strain headache can quickly become unbearable, even progressing into a migraine for some. This can affect your well-being, performance, and stress levels. The following tips can help you avoid headache triggers. Tip #1: Reduce the glare Screen glare can lead to eye strain, which in turn triggers a headache.

17 January 2017